African Crafts Village

African handmade Handbag, baskets and Maasai/masai jewelry, we sell both retail and wholesalers
We are makers and suppliers of Authentic handmade ethical  African tribal crafts. Our products are artistically handcrafted by handpicked artisans in villages around East Africa who have little or no income at all, giving them a means to support their families and educate their children

We also provide our Artisans with Training, Mentor-ship and Capital. We are strong literacy advocates encouraging them  to educate their children regardless of their gender in order for them to have a better and more fulfilling future as no Family can get out of poverty if more than half of the members are downtrodden.

The ancient craft making skills in Africa is passed on from one generation to another. A child masters through endless days they spend watching and imitating  their parents at work. As they grow and practice, their skills and passion for the tradition is sharpened and enhanced.


There is clear division of labor in these African societies with women making jewelries and weaving while men practiced hand carvings, leather works and smithing. However, in recent years, the line has been blurred and majority of women from certain communities are able to live to their full artistic potential by incorporating some of the skills that had been set aside for men only, into weaving and jewelry making as seen in our products.