African beaded Maasai Masai tribal earrings

$ 10.95


African beaded Maasai tribal earrings that has been handmade using glossy blue beads with multicolored accent on either side of the masai earrings. Each color used n this piece is important and has a meaning to the maasai tribe.

In this earring the colors that have been used are:

-Red – stands for bravery, unity, and blood. Red is the color of cows blood. Often a cow is slaughtered when the Maasai meet and therefore unity is associated with red.

White – represents peace, purity, and health. The association with health comes from white cows milk which the tribe drinks to stay healthy.

Blue – represents energy and the sky. Rain falls from the blue sky which provides water for the cattle.

Orange – Symbolizes hospitality. The association with cattle is that visitors are served cows milk from orange gourds.

Yellow – like orange yellow also symbolizes hospitality. The animal skins on visitors beds are yellow.

Green – symbolizes health and land. Cattle graze on the green grass of the land.

Black – represents the people and the struggles they must endure


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