African statement necklace Maasai tribal jewelry

$ 17.50

African inspired Maasai beaded necklace with Cascading strands of shimmering golden beads that will delicately drape over your chest. 

It’s been handmade using the traditional jewelry making skills of the Maasai community which has been perfected over generations and generations 

It is considered the duty of every Maasai women to learn the jewelry making craft. The skill is passed down from mother to daughter, one generation to the next
All the tribes beadwork is made by the women but is worn by both women and men. Jewelry among the Maasai are made in different colors. the design and pattern are the one that marks and differentiate the status.  The beadwork an individual wears will signify their age and social status. Generally individuals of high social standing will wear more colorful and intricate jewelry. The colors used in the beadwork are selected for their beauty. The colors are also symbolic and have important meanings understood by the tribe. Often these meanings have an association with cattle, which is the Maasai’s main food source and for which they have a deep connection.



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